Top 5 interesting facts about tortoiseshell cats!

Top 5 interesting facts about tortoiseshell cats!

Cats are favorite pets in many homes especially the tortoiseshell cats. And we will show you fascinating tortoiseshell facts. Firstly, These colorful kitties named after their bi-colored coats, the cat coats look like the shell of a tortoise. Affectionately referred to as “torties”.

In this blog, we are about to share with you the most amazing tortoiseshell fact. So, What’s cool about having a tortie cat?

1. Got Tortitude

Got Tortitude 2 Inch Square Button
Got Tortitude 2 Inch Square Button, by MissCuddlywumps

Most coat colors have certain traits attached to them, and tortoiseshell cats are no different. They have what we like to call as tortitude. This means that the tortoiseshell cats are a little more likely to be mischievous and Rags can certainly attain to this she can really a little minx sometimes. Tortoiseshell cats are seen as been a bit more curious a bit more mischievous and sometimes get themselves into silly situations.

2. Tortoiseshell superstition

Now quite a few cultures to see tortoiseshell cats as a sign of good luck which is very nice isn’t it Ragsy, but over here in England, it is believed if you rub a tortoiseshell cat’s tail it’ll get rid of warts. I’m not 100% sure about that one, I don’t think Rags is either. Also, Japanese fisherman likes tortoiseshell cats on their boats to ward off ghosts which are also very interesting.

3. Girls! Girls! Girls!

A female tortoiseshell cat
tortoiseshell cat, Photo by Mitchell Orr

Did you know that most tortoiseshell cats are in fact female! In other words, Only one in about 3,000 tortoiseshell cats are male which makes most of our tortitude tortoiseshell cats feisty females!

4. Famous tortoiseshell

Interesting facts about tortoiseshell cat and Calico cat
Tortoiseshell cat and Calico cat

Now over in Japan, there was a tortoiseshell cat called Tama who was the station master at Kishi station. She has been a stationmaster for most of her 18 years and even though. Tama was technically a calico – calico is a type of tortoiseshell one that has a bit more white in their coat – though she passed away in 2015. Tama was given the posthumous title of honorary eternal stationmaster which I think is really really sweet.

5. A coat color

This is my cat Rags, from

It’s not actually a breed so I described Rags there’s half Persian half tortoiseshell now whilst that’s technically true being tortoiseshell isn’t actually a breed. Rage’s father was Persian and her mother was a tortoiseshell moggie so she’s technically half Persian half tortoiseshell moggie. But she is definitely tortoiseshell in attitude so you can get tortoiseshell cats of any breed including Cornish Rexes, Persians and Orientals!

I think it’s the attitude that really counts!

Thanks for reading guys I hope you found these five tortoiseshell cat facts really interesting. However, if you have any additional tortoiseshell facts please share them in the comment section below.

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